SendTab is a handy way to send links from one screen to another.

SendTab is a free plugin for Chrome and Safari, and an iOS app for only 99¢!

"SendTab is one of my favorite browser extensions" - Adam Dachis, Lifehacker

New! Send tabs to your Android device with 2SendTab,
an unofficial Android client available from
Google Play and Amazon Apps for Android

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You'll connect to this group on each device, so give it a name that's descriptive and easy to remember, like "Chester's Computers."

A password keeps your group private. Only people with the password can send and receive links.

In a few moments, we'll send you an email that will help you quickly connect all of your devices to SendTab.

Add First Device

Send links to your phone, or use your phone as a browser remote control.

  • Send and receive links from your phone
  • Send links phone-to-phone
  • Quick access to favorite sites
Preview of network control center

With a SendTab network, you can sendsend and receive tabs between computers, or you can send a tab toevery computer in your network!

On yournetwork's homepage, you'll get acomplete history of every tab sent so you'll never lose a link again.

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